Spiritual Activities

After Sri Yathiraja Jeeyar Swami’s Peetarohanam, Sri Mutt Sannidhi underwent a divine transformation by way of installation of Tirumenis (idols) of Sri Mutt deity Narasimhar, Tirumenis of Sri Koorathalwar, Sri Mudaliayandan, Andal, Nammazhwar, Thirumangaimanan & Kumudavalli and Kulashekara Azhwar.

Spiritual discourses and kalakshepam on various topics are being conducted regularly at Sri Mutt by eminent scholars / philosophers from all over India. On special occasions of Azhwar & Acharya’s Thirunakshatrams, Srirama Navami, Sri Narasimha Jayanthi, Dhanurmasam (Marghazhi Masam) – related discourses are conducted. Nithyanusandhana Goshti is conducted every day at Sri Mutt followed by Shattrumorai and concluding with Prasadam to all Bhagavatas.

Andal Ghosti is a unique all women group which is very active at Sri Mutt involved with Sri Mutt’s main Goshti offering Kainkaryam on daily basis.

Upanayanams & Samashrayanams are being conducted regularly to initiate shishyas in the divine path and educating them to lead a disciplined life.

Bhajaythirajam Shibhira – a Summar Camp for Children is being held for deep rooting the children on spiritual path and to mould young generation to become responsible citizens.

All major festivals like Marghazhi uthsavam, Nooruthada Uthsavam, Panguni Uttiram, Sri Ramanavami, Sri Krishna Jayanthi are held with great pomp and fervour at Sri Mutt.

Yathiraja Medha Multiversity, Yathiraja Vani (Whatsapp Broadcast), Yathiraja IQ (Quiz) are some of the on-line platforms and for larger outreach for spiritual education.

Yathiraja Nirvaaham Trust is dedicated for maintenance and development of temples and other temple related activities at our Sri Mutt – we are planning to take up renovation and restoration of certain sevas / services at various temples which are in need of help. Those who are interested can contribute to Yathiraja Nirvaham Trust, details are given under.

Several philosophical and mythological publications have been released so far including Ramanuja Nutrandadi – a moolam in Kannada with two commentaries for each pashuram.

  • Panchasamskaramas and Upanayanams to over 2500 voluntary disciples.
  • 65 Avruttis of Nalayira Divya prabhandam are completed (2014-2022).
  • Over 2000 spiritual
  • 3 crore numbers of “RAMA NAMA” writing by many shishyas for early establishment of Ayodhya Rama Mandir.

Sri Ramanuja Service Group

Sri Ramanuja Service Group [RSG] is a service wing of Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt. It is formed for the enthusiastic shishyas of Sri Mutt and other volunteers to:

  • Provide spiritual and social service, both within and outside Sri Mutt,
  • Support in temple maintenance work,
  • Help in renovation and restoration related work of old temples
  • Any other service work for society, in general
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